#Diplohack Brussels: 29 - 30 april 2016

At the 24-hour Hackaton in the EU Council building in Brussels, participants get the chance to develop an app or website to make the EU more transparent. This event was organised by the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in co-operation with Open Knowledge Belgium.


  1. You can find all information on this Diplohack on our blog http://diplohack.brussels/.
  2. Starting Friday morning 29 april really early (8:45-9:00am), participants gathered in the EU Council. One of the participants perfectly summarized this morning: #needcoffee!
  3. After everyone was registered, the Dutch ambassador Wepke Kingma (@EUWepke) and organizer of this #Diplohack Pieter-Jan Pauwels (@PJPauwels) kicked off the 2-days event. The ambassador asked all hackers to help make the EU more transparent. Pieter-Jan covered all practical details, from slacks to snacks. All presentations were posted on the diplohack blog immediately after. But from who are which shoes?
  4. Then, to give an initial feeling of data, organisations pitched the datasets in front of hackers: EU Publications Office, European Union Data Portal, Council of the EU, DG Connect, DG Regio, DG Sante, DG Grow, Open Knowledge International and Transparency Europe International! Then at 11:00, everybody moved to the Atrium where the ideation track 1 'SPEED DATA' started. In a fast-pace, participants brainstormed for different topics and collected their ideas on posters. They came up with answers to questions such as 'how to increase financial transparency in the EU?'.
  5. It might look easy - but it isn't. For some participants, it was their first Diplohack: 'clueless, but excited about #diplohack'! :)
  6. Then, after ideation 1 and lunch, it was time to work out the first ideas. These participants wanted to give accessibility to structural funds, to inform and engage EU citizens on Green Energy. Nice picture!
  7. These #Diplohack Brussels participants are still full of energy! They continue till 14h00 (2pm) tomorrow before pitching their ideas for the jury.
#tcampeu #eu2016nl #transparency #Diplohack #friday
    These #Diplohack Brussels participants are still full of energy! They continue till 14h00 (2pm) tomorrow before pitching their ideas for the jury. #tcampeu #eu2016nl #transparency #Diplohack #friday
  8. Besides the 'Green Energy' theme, groups worked on migration, food, EU budget and Council legislation/decision-making.
  9. Happily enough, we also have a diplohack teaser made by the EU Council.
  10. But that's not it. Even during dinner time, hackers keep on hacking. And not only during dinner, also in the middle of the night hackers are motivated to keep on working on solutions! #needcoffee again...
  11. And yes - it's working out. Look at these happy faces! (Picture taken saturday morning, +/- 00:30 am)
  12. While the hackers were working hard, our volunteers had time to learn more about Brussels' culture tasting the towns' best fries (as even German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel experienced during an EU meeting)!
  13. It's Saturday morning, really early. Some participants worked all night long in the press rooms. For them, it literally is a 24-hour Hackaton!
  14. The participants has just had breakfast and are now working to finalize its app. This group is hacking the EU Council voting/legislation process to make the outcomes more transparent. Curious to what they come up with? All presentations are livestreamed here from 15:00 onwards: eu16.nl/LIVE_Diplohack.