CBI iPharma 2013 Tweet Roundup

Here are a collection of Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine's favorite Tweets from iPharma, CBI's 12th annual Digital Innovation Forum.

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  1. Wendy Blackburn, Executive Vice President at one of pharma's premier digital marketing companies InTouch Solutions, diligently tweeted and offered a great summary of the event:
  2. Dan Tyre, Director at HubSpot provided some insights as to how to leverage inbound marketing to capture the attention of patients and prescribers. Here was one of his quoteworthy nuggets of widsom:
  3. Janaki Joshi, CEO of Iris Interactive talked of workflow issues that led to creating a transparent and fluid solution that involves medical, compliance, legal, branding, and other pharma company teams all at once to streamline the process of producing powerful digital products.
  4. Content, as @PharmExecutive mentioned, is king for any company looking to create gravitational pull to its website and other resource channels.
  5. Jeff Rasp, President of Boomerang US, stressed leveraging SEO as a way to drive website traffic and increase audience exposure to products:
  6. Augustine Fou, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Strategist of Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc., was among the top tweeters at the conference. He walked the talk in scheduling tweets during his presentation, showing us that TIMING is a considerable element of any digital strategy!
  7. Todd Kolm, Director of Emerging Channel Strategy at Pfizer noted that video was important part of patient-company dialogue at iPharma. Anything visual is of course a great way to increase exposure, as we humans are audiovisual by nature. LISTENING to consumers, monitoring twitter and other social media venues is important to gaining valuable insight into patient constituencies.
  8. Amy West, from Novo Nordisk's Patient Relationship Marketing talked about their Cornerstones4Care program, which helps users manage their diabetes as a chronic condition. She made it clear such a program helped to increase patient adherence, and that customizable tools within it such as dosing reminders help in creating dialogue between company and patient.
  9. Jim Dayton, Senior Director of Emerging Media at InTouch Solutions, touched on convergence, and how harnessing emerging trends such as SoLoMo (stands for Social Local Mobile) Big Data, Responsive Design, and Gamification to generate insights and thereby relevant solutions that foster trust with customers.