1. Napping. Components of a sandwich. Koalas.
  2. It may not be obvious but there's a common theme here. There is at least one infographic that is dedicated to giving audiences information about each of these subjects. This is an interesting way to learn more about topics you would otherwise be unfamiliar with.
  3. Truck_driver_infographic_12
  4. The best part about infographics is they provide visuals to your content but also tell a story at the same time.
  5. Use survey results to create infographics as instant creative content and to engage with specific target audiences.
  6. I participated in a survey recently for Catalyst a couple of months ago. They were trying to bust myths and stereotypes about millennials in the workplace.
  7. With the data they received, they made a conclusive infographic titled "Revealing the Real Millennials" to relay the information (much more interesting than reading survey results in plain text).
  8. Companies like Infogr.am and Piktochart are taking the infographic world by storm by making it easy for anyone to create stunning infographics and visual content for free.
  9. I've been trying my hand at Piktochart. It's great because I don't need expensive graphic software or a lot of money to use it.
  10. Here are some basic examples of infographics you can make with Piktochart:
  11. I'm making an infographic resume using Piktochart as well. I'll be sure to post it when I'm finished.
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