3 Things That Would Make You Want to Hire A Headhunter


  1. People often wonder what headhunters in Singapore do and how they differ from typical recruiters. In a nutshell, a headhunter can be an individual or an organization which main service is to provide employment and recruitment services. Typically, headhunters are hired in Singapore by companies who needs help in finding the right people for their manpower needs and reach out to individuals who meet the requirements of the job. More often than not, these experts have an existing candidate pool that fits extremely unique positions but if need be, they can be aggressive in their measures so as to find the perfect fit for the client’s demands.
  2. Job Interview Questions and Answers
    Job Interview Questions and Answers
  3. In essence, headhunters are recruiters by definition, but recruiters are not necessarily headhunters. The first addresses manpower needs for jobs that demands high level qualifications and the latter caters to the employee skill level vacancies. While recruiters frequent job fairs, headhunters extends as far as international organizations to find that perfect professional match.More often than not, doing the headhunt by yourself especially in Singapore could be really challenging. So if you ever wonder if you should hire a headhunter, they say the answer is all the time, not one at a time. Below are some of the practical reasons you should consider tapping on headhunters:

    1. The best candidates come to them. When hiring is done internally, your human resource department usually do the persuading. Most of the time, your team go the extra mile just to convince possible candidates to work with your company. High-caliber headhunters attracts high-caliber candidates. If you want to find people in an efficient manner and with guaranteed quality, a headhunter can help you do that.
  4. 2. They help you realize what you are looking for. There are times when the qualification demands does not match the important details (including the pay) and your headhunter is there to let you know that. If your partner headhunter does not just say yes to all your requests but rather tells you what is realistic and what is impossible, then that is a keeper.
  5. 3. A great amount of employee effort is saved. Sure, there are recruitment platforms that allows you to source for talents that may or may not qualify for your job vacancies it’s like trial and error. If you are lucky enough you might find what you are looking for but if not, there is no way you could get back the time and effort invested. Partnering with a headhunter offers you an approach that is time bound and result oriented.

    Companies rely on their people to operate the business. Without them,there would be no income or an organization to begin with. However, simply filling available spots with easily available people is certainly not a good move. The only way people would last the job is if they are the right fit for it and finding the right fit requires more than just mere online sourcing and basic networking. It requires the right skills and the right resources that often, only competent headhunters can provide.