Stockholm Civil Society Days, September 20-22, 2017

Stockholm Civil Society Days is an international event for practicioners working in or with civil society organisations involved in international development cooperation. It gathered around 300 participants and was this year co-organised by CONCORD Sweden and Sida.


  1. Stockholm Civil Society Days 2017

  2. Day 1: the start of three days of intense discussions on civil society and the closing democratic space all over the world

  3. New study in the making on how donors and CSOs can respond more effectively to the shrinking space challenge

  4. Walking a tightrope: Advocacy groups balancing local legitimacy and foreign support

  5. The session aimed to build a collective awareness and understanding of the legitimacy challenges faced by advocacy groups across the world and how to respond. In this session, were encouraged to share and learn innovative strategies to effectively balance local legitimacy and foreign support, in a way that promotes greater civic accountability and protects the space for citizens to speak out.