Class of 2016

It all began in a far away city named Johannesburg. Sunrise was at 5:21am and sunset at 7:04pm and for most, if not all matriculants, it was the day of reckoning. The appropriate Game of Thrones reference would be 'winter is coming'.

  1. The 2016 matric pass rate is 72,5%, an increase of 1.3% from 70.7% in 2015. However, there are great concerns about the state of higher education funding in South Africa. Here is a round-up of some celebratory, funny, cute and heartfelt #MatricResults2016 tweets.
  2. Social development announnced a 24 hour hotline for anxious or depressed matriculants. We urge parents to keep a watchful eye out for unsual behaviour. If your child has trouble dealing with the outcome of #MatricResults2016, please do seek help at 0800 428 428 (toll free number).
  3. And congrats to those who made it...
  4. And a word of encouragement...
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