Public Newsroom #9: Police in Chicago Public Schools

On April 20, students, activists, and concerned citizens gathered at Public Narrative's offices to talk about a vision for oversight and training for police in Chicago Public Schools.


  1. The workshop was based on a story for the Chicago Reader by Yana Kunichoff, which detailed how police working in Chicago Public Schools often have little training and oversight and have complaints on their records.
  2. To start the evening, Yana talked about her findings and then introduced leaders from VOYCE, Mikva Challenge, and COFI to talk about their work to hold police in CPS accountable. This work includes forming a youth advisory council for the Chicago Police Department and working on an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CPS and CPD.
  3. Participants then divided into breakout groups, with facilitators from VOYCE, COFI, and Mikva Challenge, to share experiences with police in CPS and talk about a vision for police oversight and training.
  4. The breakout groups mapped out their ideas for relations between CPS and CPD and the qualifications that police in Chicago public schools should have.