Paper Airplanes


  1. Origami-Kids is a web site specifically for plane and boat lovers and is organised neatly to display over 50 models of gliders, hunters, vortexes, tumbling planes and boats. Each paper model is pictured in detail, along with instructions on how to make them fly. The categories mentioned above are according to the type of planes — for e.g., hunters would fly fast whereas gliders would cover long distance by staying afloat in the air for longer.
    Select an airplane to view its folding instructions which appear as animation. The instructions are displayed with a starting paper on the left, folds or creases to be made are animated in the middle, and the resultant shape is presented on the right. At the bottom, there are buttons to for 'Next' and 'Back' to move to required steps.

    While creating these planes with standard letter or A4 sized pages (used for printouts and photocopies), also read user comments on how they found the planes. One of the interesting sections present here is 'Flight Simulators'. These are Flash games allowing paper plane flights in different conditions such as height, speed and angle, etc. Next section worth taking a look at is 'Origami 3D' with models such as popcorn cup, bang (noise creator), turtle, duck and bat, etc. To further improvise these origami models, coloured papers and markers can be used as well.