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  1. IoE is a reality today as costs become more manageable, according to Clive Longbottom, analyst at Quocirca. Longbottom outlines some of the obstacles to as well as the benefits we can now enjoy from a standardized IP protocol and lower costs across multiple communication mediums like LTE and RFID. To read his full take on IoE and how it can improve your life, click the link below.

  2. The sports industry is not immune to the influences of the Internet of Everything. In this video, the Barclays Center VP of Technology, Charles Foley shares how technology is transforming the NBA fan experience. Click here to see the full interview and learn how your next sports experience might be IoE-enhanced.

  3. In the CiscoCREATE Internet of Everything innovation center in Greenwich, England, Cisco reveals how IoE is taking an active role in solving some of the UK’s biggest infrastructure and economic challenges. A report details five areas that will recognize the largest benefits of IoE first: healthcare, retail, transport, energy and manufacturing. To see the full report and download a copy for yourself, click the link here.

  4. If you’re a fan of the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything and fancy yourself an entrepreneur, the Cisco IoT Innovation Grand Challenge may be right up your alley. In keeping Cisco’s commitment to drive IoE innovations, Cisco's IoT Innovation Grand Challenge recognizes and supports start-ups, entrepreneurs and other up-and-coming innovators contributing to that growth. To learn more about the contest and how you can get involved, click here.

  5. Wim Elfrink shares the exciting news that Amsterdam, most well known for its progressive social values and leadership in international trade, is also a “modern-day capital of collaborative innovation and some of the world’s most advanced [IoE] Smart City deployments.” Benefits such as fiber-optic connectivity for all residents and businesses and green electricity for public transportation make Amsterdam one of the 15 most livable cities in the world. To read the full article and see how Cisco is partnering with Amsterdam to take the next step in its evolution via IoE, click through. Let us know what IoE smart technologies you’d most like to see in your city by replying to us @Cisco.

  6. In a blog series around the Internet of Everything, Cisco has partnered with some of the leading companies in their industries to discuss how they use IoE. Dave Barnes, CIO of package giant UPS, shares his perspective on how IOE is helping UPS and businesses everywhere to deliver on the promise of e-commerce. For his full thoughts on IoE’s impact on the shipping and logistics industry, click the link here.

  7. The Internet of Everything is paving the way for the next generation of Internet and mobile connections, but did you ever think it could be part of multi-sensory experiences involving smell, touch or taste? The “Pervasive Computing” department at City University in London does. This is where Scentee – a mobile device and app capable of emitting food flavors – comes into play. Curious? Click here to read the full article and let us know what you think about IoE changing the way you choose your food and more.

  8. What’s better than watching the NCAA Basketball finals? How about watching it while connected to every other fan via the Internet of Everything? Cisco makes this possible by installing connected sports solutions in stadiums around the world. For full details on which stadiums will connect you to all the other fans cheering alongside you everywhere, click here. 

  9. In today’s business world, winning means being hyper-aware of your competitors, your challenges and your opportunities. Innovation, agility and the increased efficiency connections that IoE provides will be the keys to success. Cisco is taking these connections and combining them with its Fast IT products for simple, secure, smart solutions. To learn more about what Cisco’s Fast IT can do for you, click here: