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  1. Self-driving trucks could become a common sight in coming years. One company at the forefront of this technology is Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz brand. Check out this blog post by Joseph Bradley to learn more.
  2. Copenhagen’s Internet of Everything strategy – connecting people, things, data and processes to the Internet — is an integral part of its overall green game plan. Read more about three local mayors' plans to integrate an Internet of Everything (IoE) strategy throughout their municipalities in greater Copenhagen.
  3. On any given Sunday, or Saturday, in stadiums across the country powered by Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, an average of 2 terabytes of data are coming across the network and tens of thousands of unique connections are being made. Learn how organizations are using this data to provide a better consumer experience.
  4. By helping customers address key questions, Big Data has become big business. Companies that have helped companies gather, store, and turn data into usable information have generated billions of dollars (and growing) in business value. Data is power. Read more about how data means big things for all kinds of companies.
  5. Manufacturing room floors, energy grids and wearable devices are just a few examples of the millions of objects coming online at an unprecedented pace. Jim Grubb shares three ways the IoT is impacting IoE and what it means for your organization in this blog post. Read more:
  6. The Internet of Everything is already transforming business outcomes, but in order to capture the full potential of its $19 trillion economic opportunity we will need to cultivate new skill sets and ways of thinking by both established organizations and 21st century entrepreneurs. Click the blog link below to learn more about what IoE is doing to transform businesses
  7. It used to be that technology was itself an outcome. But now, technology is no longer just a tool. It’s no longer a means-to-an-end nor is it a strategy that operates in isolation. Learn how IoE is transforming the way technology works and operates.
  8. It’s clear that cloud, mobility, IoE and big data analytics are fundamentally changing the business landscape in which we operate today. They are leveling the playing field and triggering business outcome-based innovation and investment in IT. Read more about the impact IoE is having on the IT world.
  9. The question of “why” we connect things in the first place becomes obvious when we think about the value of such connections to users and businesses – a value creation that requires connecting people, processes, data, and things for the Internet of Everything (IoE). Dive in to the reasons connected technology benefits companies and users.
  10. As a result of having to do more with less, police are turning to technology as a force multiplier, and one of the greatest force multipliers can come from the Internet of Everything (IoE). Learn more about how cities like San Antonia are cutting cost and increasing safety.