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Lamentations Of The White Working Class

Folks asked me to Storify these tweets, so here we are.


  1. (Note: was Scalzi's great post that prodded me into ranting in the first place.)
  2. I should also note: some don't *see* the disease, either. To start treating it and to start addressing symptoms, you have to know there's a disease. You don't see it, you don't treat it.
  3. I should note here too that I've adopted it, as well -- and I don't think work is a bad thing or a bad word, but I fear what happens is when you see people who have failed, it's easy to immediately dismiss them as having been lazy. "I worked, I succeeded" is confirming for you that you did the right thing. We reverse it, then, looking at others: "You failed, hence you did not work." It doesn't actually go that way, and worse, it fails to address systemic imbalances and prejudices packed in between the bricks of what we've all built. But, of course, privilege is blinding. You stare into the sun for so long, some stuff you just can't see until you're willing to turn away.

    (And even when you turn away, you still see streaks and artifacts and floaters, still find those blindspots.)