Easy Pork Recipes for Dinner

A discussion about barbeque and its role in American Culture, followed by descriptions of easy and time saving versions of barbequed pork.


  1. The word ‘Barbeque’ typically evokes images of charred meats slathered in dark red sauces made of brown sugar and ketchup.  The process of barbequing, while often long and tedious, has managed to snag a piece of America’s heart, as it has become a widely cherished and celebrated cuisine.  In fact, hundreds of barbeque competitions are held annually across the United States, typically drawing crowds of thousands.  While the savory sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy flavor is loved by so many, barbeque is usually an impractical weeknight meal due to the level of involvement and time required.  This is why we’ve set out to create doable barbequed pork recipes which require very little effort and are finished in a much shorter stretch of time.  Great taste should never be sacrificed due to a lack of time!  Here are the simple ways we have been able to create and utilize easy and fast weeknight barbeque recipes!  

    Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

    Slow cookers are a cook’s best friend!  Whip up the tangy barbeque sauce for this easy pulled pork recipe by combining ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, mustard and apple cider vinegar.  Pour this mixture over the pork shoulder and let your slow cooker do the heavy work and create a memorable and satisfying barbeque while you are at work.  It’s literally that easy!  When you get home you’ll find that you’re left with a tender and moist pork which can be easily shred with a fork and served in an abundance of different ways!      


    Prep Time: 15 minutes

    Cook Time: 10 minutes


    BBQ Pulled Pork Platter

    After you’ve made your scrumptious slow cooker pork recipe, you can take full advantage of your leftovers by making this pulled pork recipe.  Top your leftover pork with a quickly prepared fresh coleslaw and serve atop seasoned rice for a barbeque flavored taste explosion!  This easy pork recipe makes for a fantastic lunch or dinner.  To further authenticate the barbeque experience, enjoy this meal with a slice of fluffy and sweet cornbread. 


    Prep Time: 10 minutes

    Cook Time: 10 minutes


    Asian BBQ Pork Platter 

    While sandwich buns may be an obvious choice and a satisfactory ‘go to’ for a pulled pork recipe, don’t overlook all the other flavors and culinary preparations available.  Here, we have put an imaginative and unexpected spin on this pork recipe by incorporating Asian flavors and creating a fusion dish.  Asian dressed coleslaw and pulled pork are used to top an easy barbeque flavored rice for an intriguing taste which will surprise you!  This delicious meal is finished with a topping of green onions, and chopped peanuts which add textural contrast.  This unusual pork recipe will excite your taste buds, guaranteed!  


    Prep Time: 15 minutes

    Cook time: 7 minutes  


    These easy pork recipes prove that barbeque is a beloved flavor that does not need to be sacrificed for lack of time!  While pulled pork recipes can be extensive and tiresome, our version is short and sweet!  Try making our slow cooker pork tonight for a welcome surprise at the dinner table.  Then utilize your leftovers to create the other memorable barbeque recipes listed- this is a convenient and delicious dinner solution which will become a family favorite!