Tips to Make Holiday Shipping Convenient


  1. Time before Holidays bring a lot of business for some of the manufacturers and online stores. It should be a joyous change but one should keep in mind that the work also becomes too hectic. You get a lot of orders to fulfill in very short time and it increases the chances of your products to get harmed during the shipping due to insufficient preparations related to packages’security.
  2. Nonetheless, you can still make sure that your packages are on their way to get delivered on time and that too without any unpleasant incidents. To help you with that, below are some very basic but very useful ideas that can serve as critical guidelines to save your business.
  3. - Making an estimate about holidays sales might not be possible for you at the moment but you can enhance your inventory and get more help in packaging and shipping process. For this purpose, gather sufficient amount of shipping supplies and announce special incentives for the ones who would give extra time beyond the duty time.
  4. - Make sure that you are not delaying packaging and dispatching the products the same day you receive their orders. The delay in shipping will frustrate your carrier’s personnel and make your customer unhappy.
  5. - Although you are not obliged to offer free shipping even on the free shipping day, it’s better if you still offer it to the customer even if your carrier is not discounting anything for you in this regard. Nevertheless, you can always communicate with the carrier and ask for the special packages for special days. You will more likely get a favor from the carrier if you have saved your right to demand throughout the year.
  6. - Make sure that you have made your shipping terms very clear among the customers, especially when it comes to holiday shipping.Customers usually demand more and you get a lot of hectic tasks ahead of you during this part of the year. Any misunderstanding on either side results only in the customer getting unhappy. After that, you will need a lot of time to smoothen this business-customer relationship.
  7. - Secure packing is the ultimate requirement you will need to fulfill, especially during holiday season. The shipping carriers deal with more packages and, hence, they are forced to pay less attention to every box than what it is usually given during remaining of the year.Therefore, you will have to ensure that you are using sturdy boxes, appropriate cushioning and applying secure sealing to the boxes before you dispatch.
  8. If you are small business, dealing with the product shipping is something you might consider one of the most tiresome practices. But you can make every thing smooth and secure if you ship using the guidelines mentioned above.
  9. Holiday shipping deadlines