Huffington Post "doesn't plagiarize" - they also don't bother getting original quotes

Today the Huffington Post BC edition decided to run a story about what marijuana legalization in Washington State means to BC. Good story! Only, it wasn't theirs.


  1. Kate Webb takes it well. Scott Brown would prefer not to let it drop.
  2. So I got involved because, well, I like this kind of thing.
  3. Did you get that? They DID get an original quote - it was just on another story, not the one we're actually talking about, that's been their high profile story all day.
  4. asasfgdjhfladglagsadl! 'While stealing other people's story, we got some quotes and thought, heck, this would make a great story!' 
  5. To save you the trouble of looking, that's a Times Colonist story they linked to, which we ran on our wire feed with a link back to the TC and with TC copyright info, and byline credit.