Should a guy go to "Magic Mike?"

Paula wanted a date night -- movie and dinner. Sure, this is one of our favorite things to do. But, wait, did she say, "Magic Mike?" I tried to suggest a different movie, but she stood firm. As we were preparing to leaving, I asked my Facebook friends and Tweeps for advice.


  1. Facebook friends try to warn me

  2. Don't do it! Will lose your man card!! Jk
  3. Omg ur gonna go!!??? Why would she wanna even take u??????? LOL!!
  4. Let her go but I don't recommend for the hubby's. It was just an okay movie but chic flick 100%! There were a couple guys at the showing last night and I felt sorry for them :-)
  5. Chris, just go and appease Paula, and go see the film. And prepare to perform the perfect strip later. So sorry, man. So sorry.
  6. But..... I would bet you would score big points as the only husband on the planet willing to step foot into the theater.
  7. My Tweeps offer advice, too

  8. A pitiful plea from my brother-in-law

  9. Come on Chris...I needed you to be stronger than this. Now I am going to have to go. Damn.
  10. Oh, a real answer

    A couple of helpful friends offered a serious review: 
  11. In a theater awash in women, Paula tries to placate me

  12. She just said, " Here are your Milk Duds. You'll feel better."
  13. You are just asking for going you make yourself look super soft, then to add insult to injury every dude in the movie is going to be all jacked up....lose lose....I would have probably tossed a milk dud at her for even asking, lol
  14. Many amusing moments before, during and after the movie

    Before the movie started, a woman stood up in front of us to switch seats. She was wearing those low-rider pants that reveal much more than I ever want to see. In this case, her pants almost fell off before she hiked them back up and sat down. "That's was scary," a middle-age woman next to us said. Then she added to me, "That may be the most enjoyable thing you to see all night."I replied, "I'm in trouble."
  15. Some Facebook friends offer scant sympathy

  16. Your man card has been revoked!