Growing OD with Mentoring

An inquiry into mentoring for OD people


  1. ODNE - Mentoring for OD People
  2. 5 OD practitioners spoke candidly about their experiences of mentoring earlier in the year - captured in this 3 min short.
  3. Today we tapped the hive mind for 30 mins on twitter #mentoring4od. What questions are at the forefront of people's minds in such a short time window...?
  4. 1. What is most important for the mentoring relationship?
  5. Mentoring is about having a trusted space to be held, even when / especially when something's uncomfortable to look at.
  6. 2. How does mentoring differ from coaching?
  7. Mentoring includes more guidance and educating. And, mentors need broad experience to share with the mentee. However...
  8. 3. What happens when that's taken to the extreme?
  9. That got us curious about the 2-way learning involved, and in particular...
  10. 4. How is reverse mentoring disrupting the power dynamic?