Web Analytics


  1. This week we discussed and analyzed web analytics. Web analytics can be defined as a collection and measurement of website visits analyzed to optimize on web marketing and strategy. The collection of this information can be done one of two away.
  2. web analytics service1
    web analytics service1

  3. The first option of web analysis is through using a company such as Omniture, Sysomos, or Accenture. The perks of using a company to assess your web analytics is it saves a significant amount of time, however this solution can be quite costly depending on the size of your company. The second option is using free programs provided by companies such as Yahoo or Google. The advantage with these services is it can save you money, however, it will cost a significant amount of time and web training to be able to analyze the raw data. Below is a link to Google's and Yahoo's web analytic services.
  4. When looking at web analytics, it should be thought of in two ways, through implementation and segmentation. In web analytics, the incentive is analyze the web traffic to determine what works and change what does not. In order to do this you must segment the data and implement a change. Segmented data to asses can included analyzing a websites clickstream, bounce rate, conversion rate, number of visitors, number of page views, average time spent on a page etc. Below is a video further explaining why web analytics are useful.
  5. What makes a good Web Analytics Solution?
  6. Another part of web analytic is the ability to create visualizations of the data collected. Crafting information into charts, tables, and other visual mediums helps share information in a often quicker and more interesting manner. When working with mass amounts of information such a web analytic reports, a common way to display results is through visual mediums.  There are various data visualization tools available online to help people create their own reports, some tools include; Wordle, Visual.ly, and Piktochart. Below is an example of a Piktochart created by myself to share Avinash Kaushik's webpost  "Web Analytics 101" 
  7. Overall, web analytics are a useful source in helping businesses increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve in customer satisfaction. This is done through measuring web traffic and creating a competitive advantage  with their website. In Avinash Kaushik's post "7 Incredible Web Design Branding, Digital Market Experiences", he his 7 most visually appealing and successful websites. What traits do you find are crucial in making a website visually appealing, and successful?