Moot Court Honor Society in Scotland

In August, six members of Chicago-Kent's MCHS took a trip to the Baylor Law Academy of the Advocate at St. Andrews in Scotland. They took part in a two-week intensive program to learn practical appellate advocacy from top-notch lawyers, judges, and advocacy professors in the US and the UK.

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  1. CK Moot is gearing up to take its talents to the UK. Six first-rate 3Ls will join Streseman and some all-star Texas mooters at Baylor's Academy of the Advocate in St. Andrews, Scotland. Class starts on Sunday afternoon.
  2. The study abroad program was divided into the School of the Trial and the School of the Appeal. Chicago-Kent's MCHS members were six of the twenty students in the School of the Appeal.
  3. Staying at a 600-year-old school in Scotland turned out to be pretty beautiful.
  4. We are forced to endure orientation for the Academy of the Advocate in this old dump.
  5. And orientation began! Scotland became quite real.
  6. Orientation with masterful advocate (and aptly ...
  7. Professor Streseman quickly adapted to his new environment.
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  9. Throughout the two-week program, the students completed a brief and delivered an oral argument on one of two cases that are currently pending in the US Supreme Court. They also studied historically significant examples of written and oral advocacy from a variety of disciplines, viewed demonstrations of Scottish storytelling, toured Scottish courthouses, and discussed ethics and professionalism with faculty and practitioners, including former federal judge and Solicitor General Ken Starr.
  10. A few students found time between their studies to indulge in a classic Scottish pastime.
  11. Moore, Pauwels & Streseman snuck in 18 holes at the St. Andrews links between brief-writing sessions.
  12. Pauwels saves par from just off the green. Off-the-green was a popular spot in today's 15-25 mph winds.
  13. Streseman sets up one of his patented 40 yard putts.
  14. Although things went better for some than others.
  15. Ryan Moore hits a shot off the tallest mountain in eastern Scotland. Jubilee Course @ the Links of St. Andrews.
  16. The group got to explore as well.
  17. They were able to meet some excellent lawmakers and learn from them too.