#WeChargeGenocide Protest Inside UN Review of US Torture #WCGtoUN @ChiCopWatch

Chicago youth organizers presented a report this week to the United Nations Committee Against Torture (UNCAT). Questions they wrote on police violence in Chicago were asked to U.S. representatives. During the U.S. response, #WCGtoUN delegates staged a historic protest.


  1. Learn more about We Charge Genocide and download their report to UNCAT on Chicago Police violence at: wechargegenocide.org
  2. The Committee session was live streamed, as well as tweeted by @ChiCopWatch, @USHRN & others in the room.
  3. "Today when U.S. representatives responded to one of United Nations Committed Against Torture’s questions...
  4. "the 8 We Charge Genocide delegates made eye contact with one another and all knew it was the moment for us to stand." ~#WCGtoUN
  5. "We rose silently with our fists in the air, each holding an image of Dominique Franklin --
  6. a 23 year old friend who was tased to death by the Chicago Police Department this summer." ~#WCGtoUN
  7. "There was an immediate energy that shot through the room, and we were joined right away by Monica James, from the Transformative Justice Law Project and two members from the National Center for Lesbian Rights/#BornPerfect." ~#WCGtoUN
  8. "A UN staffer quickly approached us and demanded we stop, saying that this wasn’t allowed and she would call security. We refused. Staffer Thenjiwe McHarris from USHRN and Crista Noel came to our defense. After contesting the UN security’s demands Crista and Thenjiwe reached a negotiation that if we were silent we could continue to stand." ~#WCGtoUN