#HistChem Episode 1: The Zombie Apocalypse

On August 7, 2013, CHF debuted #HistChem, a webcast featuring engaging discussions on history, chemistry and culture. The webcast a part of its suite of online media products found at chemheritage.org/media. This episode was a discussion of the history and science of the zombie myth.


  1. Watch the full show below, or click the title to view the interview questions on Vimeo and use the time stamps in the description to click through to those segments directly.
  2. #HistChem Ep. 1: "How we learned to stop worrying and love the zombie apocalypse"
  3. The show was edited to a seven minute "highlights" version for YouTube audiences (below). It is being edited for an audio podcast version that will be downloadable through iTunes.
  4. #HistChem Ep. 1 Highlights "How we learned to stop worrying and love the zombie apocalypse"
  5. CHF issued a press release introducing the show that generated some international coverage.
  6. Pay attention to this article from Austria's Der Standard. It comes back into play when we talk about stats later.
  7. Audience Engagement

  8. Before the live webcast on August 7, people tweeted their votes for their zombie survival kit, based on a post written by Jacob Roberts on CHF's newly relaunched blog. The post asked people on Twitter to vote for chemists, chemicals, and tools they would bring with them in the apocalypse.
  9. We got some support from some organizations as well...
  10. Some of the response was international.
  11. A handful of people retweeted the message even though they didn't directly participate. The publicity we got on social media contributed to the large number of viewers of the stream.