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3D Chat Summary with The 3D Printing Lady and Salomaoric!


  1. This week we had the pleasure of hosting not one, but two guests! Salomaoric, 3D Designer and Founder of 3dna.wyz and The 3D Printing Lady Hanna Grzywnowicz joined us at 8pm (GMT+1) on Thursday 18th August.
  2. We began with finding out what Hanna and Ricardo have been 3D printing lately...
  3. We will have a photograph of the sword to show you all soon. Hanna's 3D printed artefacts will also be available to us soon, so watch this space!
  4. Next we wanted to know the answer to the million dollar question for 3D print geeks!
  5. Our attention turned to the art of 3D scanning next!