Great Pool Positioning


  1. It's summer again and the mercury is rising! Like most people, surviving summer means cooling down with a lovely long swim in a backyard pool. Unfortunately too many people don't invest in a pool, and are forced to simply bake throughout summer, while they hear their neighbors splashing happily in their pool next door! There is no doubt about it - having a pool provides hours of fun and enjoyable, as well as a much needed respite from the heat of summer.
  2. Underdeck panels are engineered to direct water that passes through the deck gap and guides it towards the gutter that runs along the edge. Underdeck is designed to channel water even during heavy rain storms, as the panels are sealed to prevent any leaking. The next couple of blog articles will explore LVR (Loan To Value Ratio) and LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) in more detail, and outline how these impact on your home loan.
  3. This is not such an important item, assuming that the timber merchant has kept their timber decking stock stored in a suitably protected area, otherwise unrestrained timber decking will warp and twist if allowed to get wet/stored out in the open in the yard, etc. As usual, getting decent experienced fitters is the most important thing, regardless of which system is used, although there are certainly some systems that are superior to others on my opinion. Thanks for your comment.
  4. Stilus design & contructions look forward to meeting with you and seeing your next project. Merbau decking sunshine coast mission statement at Stilus Design and Construction is to create outdoor entertainment areas for families and friends to share food, laughter and create memories. it has been a pleasure doing business with you and thank you for the job you have done and the way you completed the works.
  5. Coming with a 25 year warranty not only will Duralife decking add value to your property, but it will look fantastic and become a feature of your home. Low maintenance decking is our speciality, and Duralife is the finest quality when it comes to high quality and low maintenance. But will your Trex deck last long? The answer to that is a big YES. Trex products are designed to resist the elements. However cold or hot the weather gets, rest assured that this decking will not crack or splinter. And that comes without application of special sealants or other coatings.
  6. Another advantage that these have over wood-tiles is their durability. The wood-tiles decompose with time and may not last for long. However, the composite-tiles are durable and will never decompose. The plastic component in the it protects the them from natural decomposing elements and thereby giving it a much longer life. Our specially designed, purpose built Surface Restoration Vehicles are tailor-made to ensure we can efficiently clean and coat your property! Labour costs can be cut by 45% over the industry average. We'll get the job done super-fast! Sedangkan untuk jenis lantai kayu laminated,rata2 menggunakan bahan anti rayap buatan,dan ini sifat pemakaiannya temporer.
  7. Jarrah timber flooring is durable and is local to Western Australia. It has a gorgeous mix of dark red to brown tones and is complimentary to neutral décor. Possible applications include stairs, counter tops, tables, shutters and pergolas. She used a grey so it did not look like it was trying to be wood and the installer finished it off with a nice mitred wider border and it looks smick !!!
  8. In the following video, Dr. Powell does a nice job of summarizing what happened to the American Chestnut (Castanea dentata), what is being done in the scientific realm to make a recovery of the species possible, and how you can help bring the American Chestnut back to the American forest. Merbau decks also have the advantage of the natural resistance of this timber to termites which is extremely important in Brisbane. With proper lighting, it turns out pretty good. A good center piece for the dinning room to impress your guests. This table can accommodate 6 people, suitable for our modern day apartments and flats.