4 Ways to Make Packaging More Sustainable

Packing is very important to protect products


  1. if your packaging is not properly manufactured, it can damage what is packed in it. That is why, before buying packaging, few aspects are to be checked such as handling, upper and lower side, description, weather shield and shock absorbance. All these are correct things but what you need to find in your packaging are the few qualities as these are the landmark of a durable packaging. Your packaging should be light, weather friendly, reusable, and recyclable as only seven percent plastic in the world is being recycled; whereas 1/3 of the total waste comes from packaging materials, when it comes to textile and cosmetic industries, there is crazing trend of sustainable packaging. Under the magic of this trend, there is a pressure on the companies to produce all types of packing material that should be the coolest, sustainable, and weather friendly at the same time
  2. Given below are the four ways that a company can make its packaging sustainable as per the expectations of consumers.
  3. 1. Paper-Made packing

    For sustainable packaging, use of paper/cardboard is the best choice because packing made plastic is less lasting and can be damaged due to wear and tear. In addition to this, hemp, Quality, and bamboo plants can be used for lasting packaging. A number of factors may influence the sustainable and lasting packaging for example availability of material; cost and demand. Most of the companies prefer cheap packing material such as plastic sheets, which not only causes damage to the environment but also pollution.
  4. 2. Reduction of Weight

    It is desirable to use light packaging for covering sensitive goods. All the companies round it, the globe like its use. Although light packaging last for a pretty long time yet still becomes a problem for the things, which are heavy to lift and need protection. For example, sensitive goods like ammunition, glassware, foods, and grains need hard packing rounded by weather sheet; otherwise, these goods can be damaged due to shock or temperature. It is desirable to use light cartons for elastic things.
  5. 3. Recycling labeling

    To get sustainable packaging round the globe, it is important to make it write a recycling label on the package showing the method of recycling on it. If quality control authority can control it then there is a possibility that sustainable packaging would get equal popularity in the world. No doubt, what is recycling bale is sustainable. There is a need to spread awareness among consumers to demand /prefer recyclable packaging. Furthermore, consumers should not use virgin materials when recycled materials are available in the market. However, some of the recycled materials are of low quality and companies hesitate to use this material because of the fear that damage may occur to their materials inside the package. Many recycled materials are prone to shocks and contamination.
  6. 4. Use of Cassava Tree as Sustainable Material

    Many companies prefer to use cassava tree (it is mostly found in Thailand) as sustainable packing material. Packages made of the roots of this plant are highly durable and weather friendly. There are a number of benefits of this plant. The packaging made of this plant is compostable and biodegradable and can be used besides fiber, bamboo, and papers’ made cartons.
  7. Thus, We Can Say:

    • Use high-tech for making sustainable packaging
    • Use of light materials such as paper, cardboard , bamboo and cassava
    • Reuse the packaging Use of Custom packaging that contains boxes with your logo it increase your branding
    • Use of recyclable materials
    • Reuse the packaging