12th Annual Exercise & Nutrition Symposium

On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Western University hosted the 12th Annual Exercise & Nutrition Symposium. The day-long event featured fitness and nutrition experts speaking on a wide variety of interesting subjects. Insights were shared, laughs were had, and light-bulb moments were sparked.


  1. The Exercise & Nutrition Symposium was started by Dr. Peter Lemon, a Western University professor and Director of the Exercise & Nutrition Research Lab. The annual event is a fundraiser for Western's women's softball team, of which Dr. Lemon is the head coach.
  2. Several of the day's speakers, including Tom Hazell, were Dr. Lemon's former students. Dr. Lemon clearly had a lasting impact on those he taught.
  3. I was most looking forward to John Berardi's presentation, and he did not disappoint. One of Dr. Lemon's former grad students, John went on to co-found Precision Nutrition, a widely respected and successful online nutrition coaching program with participants all over the world.
  4. The event was excellent, but I did have one wish that day -- that the Tim Hortons located outside the lecture hall be open.
  5. The torture of a day-long symposium with a closed Tim Hortons onsite 😩
    The torture of a day-long symposium with a closed Tim Hortons onsite 😩
  6. I felt so fortunate that this excellent symposium was held just ten minutes from my home, and I'm already looking forward to next year's event.