Central Ohio Compact October 2017 Summit

More than 200 educators, state officials, community and business leaders attended the October 2017 #CompactSummit at Columbus State Community College. These summits, which started in 2011, focus on improving college readiness and raising postsecondary rates for central Ohio students.

  1. The October summit was focused on developing an action plan the addresses the region's workforce needs.
  2. Missed out on the summit? That's OK, we took notes.

  4. Columbus State Community College President David Harrison described the region's demographics and its projected growth.
  5. Dr. David Harrison, Columbus State President
  6. Ryan Burgess, director of the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation, gave an update on the programs and initiatives his office is leading to create a pipeline from K-12 to the workforce.
  7. Ryan Burgess, Director, Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation
  8. Columbus 2020 President and CEO Kenny McDonald described the region's progress in bringing new jobs and remaining competitive in a global market.
  9. Kenny McDonald, President and Chief Economic Officer, Columbus 2020
  10. Tim Harman, director of customized workforce recruitment at Columbus 2020, described the workforce trends and areas of improvement.
  11. "The skills gap is real."

  12. Tim Harman, Columbus 2020, Director, Customized Workforce Recruitment
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