About culture change, at Enterprise 2.0 London 2014

How can we work better? How can we change big companies, make them more effective and better places to work? Thanks Kongress Media & Agile Elephant for inviting me to share new stories at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in London, Nov. 2014.

  1. Thanks @CelineSchill for bringing me into the new world of #e20s. Still long way to go, but it was inspiring. Thanks to all.
  2. Lesson 3 reaffirmed by #e20s: we need to be far more careful about the language we use. Help people understand this is about more than tech
  3. Lesson 2 reaffirmed by #e20s: we need to pay more attention to organisation structures, making them adaptive and responsive.
  4. Lesson 1 reaffirmed by #e20s: context is everything. What works for one may not work for another.
  5. One powerful insight from @CelineSchill session: It's about change for quality's sake, not change for change's sake. #e20s
  6. An unprecedented dialogue mindset: calling for #feedback on an open, anonymous platform (1,300 users) @sanofipasteur's @CelineSchill #e20s
  7. Let's not expect everything from the org. At individual level we can make small steps, right away. @CelineSchill #e20s #change #socbiz
  8. Tip from @CelineSchill for enterprise social champs: seek recognition outside your org (do talks!) ->credibility points #e20s #culturevist
  9. .@CelineSchill "The world has changed but companies haven't ... enable people, include them, go bottom up, cross-silo...." #e20s
  10. MT @the_anke: Yea @CelineSchill Culture change activist life started when Sanofi-Pasteur group started for gender balance #e20s @Hallmeister
  11. .@CelineSchill: "The world has changed, but companies haven't changed. They hurt the people, themselves and the world itself." #e20s
  12. "What really drives me is 'How can we #work better?'. The world has changed, but companies have not changed" - @CelineSchill #e20s #change
  13. Very glad that @CelineSchill could make #e20s London, her story of becoming and survining being a change agent is almost a "go to" manual
  14. Celine Schillinger "quality work today needs social collaboration" #e20s "today many corps work in a completely wrong way
  15. "Getting external recognition for internal change programmes helps give them credibility." ~ @CelineSchill speaking at @enterprise20 #e20s
  16. Changer? Search support outside and work inside becomes simpler! #e20s Celine Schillinger
  17. "Nothing like an external award to reassure your company that what you are doing is useful - seek outside recognition" - @CelineSchill #e20s
  18. Seek recognition outside the organisation for change, it makes it easier - and sways critics - inside, via @CelineSchill #e20s
  19. @CelineSchill "Relation" is a raw material. Inspiring concept for communication professionals. #e20s http://t.co/8owRzfu7n4
    @CelineSchill "Relation" is a raw material. Inspiring concept for communication professionals. #e20s pic.twitter.com/8owRzfu7n4
  20. .@CelineSchill: "Lines are blurring - if you're a change agent at work, then you're a change agent outside of work as well." #e20s
  21. "Thanks to #socialmedia I was able to connect with like-minded people and find support. E.g. chagww" - CelineSchill #e20s #change #socbiz
  22. Agree with Celine Schillinger of Sanofi-Pasteur: "#changeagents need "incubators" like #e20s - we gather ideas & energy here!
  23. "Thanks to #socialmedia I was able to connect with like-minded people and find support. E.g. @chagww" - @CelineSchill #e20s #change #socbiz
  24. Change agents irritate the status quo and the system makes you pay for it, via the inspiring @CelineSchill #e20s
  25. Love it. "I used the word 'strategic' to make it sound important." Way to go @CelineSchill #e20s
  26. "We can create value to the organisation by bringing internal and external together" - @CelineSchill #e20s #change #socbiz
  27. Hurrah for @CelineSchill whose culture change activist life started with setting up a group to push gender balance at Sanofi-Pasteur #e20s
  28. "I was suffocated by the way the org culture was handling #diversity. I became a culture #change activist." - @CelineSchill #e20s #women
  29. Looking forward to hearing @CelineSchill now on creating a grassroots collaborative culture at @sanofipasteur #e20s