San Diego Entrepreneur Ced Funches is Doing Something Amazing.

Mothers Month founder Ced Funches talks about taking his dream to the next level. His children's book, A World Without Mothers, has received critical acclaim from nearly every review. Now Ced is focused on growing and expanding his vision.


  1. Over the past few weeks you have seen a lot of Ced Funches. You may have not noticed it, but quietly Ced has been popping up all over the social media world. His online cause to support mothers has been widely hailed as the next great thing in social entrepreneurship. His first children's book, A World Without Mothers has been one of the year's biggest surprise. Still, Ced has his sights set on something bigger.

  2. "I have always had one simple goal for Mothers Month...make my mother smile. Once I achieved that, I set my sights on growing the message as well as adding to the viability of the cause." Ced Funches described at an interview at the Will Powered Golf Tournament benefitting Cancer for College. 
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  4. By strategically creating a cause that encourages everyone to honor and cherish mothers, Ced has created a platform that is ready for an alignment with a host of corporate partners. "Frankly, this cause has outgrown my original vision. Where most people want that, I shy away from it a little. The goal was never to get rich off of this, it was to create an inclusive movement that everyone can relate to, connect with, ponder over, shed tears of joy with, and at the end of the day realize that maybe we do need to spend more time honoring our mothers."
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  8. Ced had the unique opportunity to share his children's book with Hollywood's biggest star, Will Ferrell. "Will was an amazing icon to be able to get my book to. He is such a great person. A true class act."
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