Twitter Scavenger Hunt


  1. Monday, Feb. 9, I was assigned to do a Twitter scavenger hunt. My partner Carlin, @carlinmccrimmon, and I completed six out out of the nine tasks.
  2. The first of my top three posts is the post about a student's favorite place to eat on campus. WSU has a great variety of restaurants and it was nice to see what a fellow student likes.
  3. Nate was such a good sport and I'm really glad he chose to talk to us instead of getting on the elevator. I hope we didn't make him late for class.
  4. My second favorite post was about a source of news on campus. The South End is WSU's student newspaper.
  5. My final post, and my absolute favorite, is about a student's new years resolution.
  6. How To Stop Smoking - How To Quit Smoking - Best Way To Quit Smoking
  7. In addition to creating posts, we also had to respond to our classmates. Here is my response to @_aveenstra's post about a student that was running. He said he doesn't eat.
  8. @chrisnews_ tweeted a picture of his favorite place to study and it happens to be right next door to where I attend my COM 5500 class.
  9. @EmilyRidenener Tweeted a student quote about their favorite place to get news.
  10. I enjoyed the assignment and my awesome partner.