Dale Creek Bridge

Longest Bridge on the Union Pacific Route of the First Transcontinental Railroad


  1. The Dale Creek Bridge, located sometwenty miles southeast of Laramie and four miles west of Ames Monument, was thelongest bridge on the Union Pacific route of the first transcontinentalrailroad.

  2. Completed in 1868 in southeasternWyoming Territory, the Dale Creek Bridge presented engineers of thetranscontinental railroad one of their most difficult challenges requiring themto have to cut through a nearly a mile of granite.

  3. As well, the trestle was originallybuilt of wood and swayed in the wind as the first train crossed on April 23,1868. Carpenters rushed to shore up the bridge and two fell to their deaths.Still, the bridge's timbers flexed under the strain of passing trains.

  4. In 1876, the wooden bridge wasreplaced by an iron version cmonstructed upon the same 1868 piers. Finally, in 1901 the tall, spindly bridge wasreplaced, abandoned and then dismantled by the Union Pacific when the line wasrerouted.
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