Tale of Twitter Timestamps: How George Stark of The Daily Mail Got It Wrong on Hilaria Baldwin

The Daily Mail ran a story on Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec Baldwin, saying that she was on Twitter at the same time she and Alec were in St. John the Divine Cathedral attending the funeral of the late actor James Gandolfini.


  1. The story contained "A Timeline of Hilaria's Tweets". But it seems that the article's author, George Stark (who has since locked his Twitter account (@GeorgeStark_) whose name was removed from the article & replaced with "Daily Mail Reporter" after Alec Baldwin's attack on Twitter), who is based in Los Angeles, made a basic math error. All of the times in the Daily Mail UK's timeline graphic are exactly 3 hours early.

    The Baldwins say that they left the funeral early because Hilaria, who is expecting her first baby, wasn't tolerating the NYC heat very well, and St. John The Divine is not air-conditioned. Mr. Gandolfini's funeral started at 10:00am and ended by 11:30am. Hilaria's "smoothie" tweet came at 11:47am New York City time.

    Twitter timestamps all tweets, and the way that these timestamps show up vary in the way a Twitter user accesses the site. I use Echofon to access Twitter on my iPhone. I am also in NYC. All the screenshots below were taken last night from @HilariaBaldwin's timeline. They show the time that she actually sent the tweets, and they show that Daily Mail UK got it wrong.
  2. But as you can see, the "smoothie" tweet's timestamp is 11:47 New York City time.
  3. The "circle of life" tweet came at 13:17 New York City time, not 10:17.
  4. Hilaria's "wedding anniversary" tweet came at 14:09 New York City time, not 11:09.
  5. And Hilaria's response to The Daily Mail came at 18:49, not at 15:49 as the Mail's timeline claims.