Innovative Learning Conference

2013 conference for Innovative Learning.

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  1. The Innovative Learning Conference began with a conversation about getting connected.  Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach shared how we can leverage larger professional networks to create communities that help us to grow as educators and push our thinking about creating environments of co-learning.

  2. Sheryl asked the tough question, "Can we, as educators, opt out of new literacies?"  We are educating for, not five or ten years from now, but 25 - 50 years from now. Are the opportunities we are providing young learners preparing them for this future or are we stuck in the past (an industrialized system of learning).  

    This part of the conversation really made me think about moving beyond the connections I've made as an educator and toward connecting the young learners in my learning community to a more global audience.  While using digital technologies has created a much stronger classroom community in which students rely more on one another for learning than the rely on me (much more collaborative), they need opportunities to connect with other learners with different knowledge, different perspectives, and different expertise.  

    Connected learning for students is THE IMPORTANT next step.