#PISCI1 - Phillip Island Nature Parks Research Symposium and Twitter Symposium 2016

The Phillip Island Nature Parks Research Symposium and sister Twitter Symposium was held on the 11-12th of November 2016. This hybrid event saw past and present researchers, students and collaborators across the globe join to share and discuss the diverse research that goes at Phillip Island.


  1. Every five years, Phillip Island Nature Parks produces a five-year Strategic Plan, including a strong research-lead component. For the next plan, we got together with collaborators, students and the community to reflect on the last five years of research and conservation, and share plans for the next five years.

    We decided to involve the world by including a #TwitterConference. This made it possible for our overseas and out of town collaborators to share their research and follow the conversation.

  2. Contents

  3. Day one - the Research Twitter Symposium
  4. Day two - Tweeting away the Research Symposium
  5. Leading up
  6. Putting it together. How we did it!

  7. Day One - the Research Twitter Symposium

  8. Rebecca L Brasso (@SeeMoBirds): Little penguins, big mercury (Hg): Hg exposure in Bass Strait marine food webs
  9. It was great to see engagement right throughout the day