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House Doolittle Wall Calendars

Almost every home I have been into has a wall calendar somewhere - usually in the kitchen - many times on the refrigerator. Beautiful calendars not only add charm but they also keep us up-to-date and remind us of our appointments or birthdays of loved ones.


  1. House of Doolittle has been manufacturing products since 1919. Twenty six years ago they made the commitment to produce ALL of their products with 100% recycled materials. As of 2009, all of their products are made with 100% post consumer paper. Chlorine free processed and printed with soy ink.
  2. Write-on/Wipe-off calendars are great to have for families with busy lives of if you schedule many work appointments. Besides being very functional, the one below features cute kittens. These laminated calendars come with water soluble markers for your convenience.
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