Within-Community Advocacy

Lillith Grey #cconwith CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. It’s probably a safe bet to say that most of those who attend Catalyst have some interest in or motivation toward social justice, empowerment, freedom, and communication. Because we are all invested in these ideas, events and communities based around them very often include people who have themselves been affected by marginalization and hegemony. This offers us an opportunity to hear diverse voices speak their own truth about their experiences and makes space to give voice to the voiceless as we search for solutions. Advocating in the mainstream world is a hard, draining battle, and these kinds of events and gatherings provide a chance for us to come together to rest and recuperate, to give and receive support from others, and to learn and teach about so many things. So what happens when advocacy is called for within the very community that is supposed to rejuvenate us? How do we work within our own systems to challenge privilege and increase awareness, and how does that work differ from the ways we fight in the mainstream community? Join the discussion as we talk about the social justice movement, potential barriers to communication, ways to resolve conflict, responsible use of social media, repairing ruptured relationships, and more.