What’s Your “Bi-Q”?

Terri Clark #cconBi CatalystCon East, Sunday March 17, 2013


  1. Bisexual individuals are in many ways a hidden population.  When recognized, bisexuality is often viewed as being part gay and part straight, rather than being its own unique identity.  Further, bisexual individuals face not only discrimination confronting the LGT community because of their non-heterosexuality, but also resistance from the LGT community.  Participants will increase their understanding of bisexuality and become more saavy when working with the diversity of our sexuality. This workshop will explore bisexuality through the lens of sexual orientation, gender identity and behavior, recognizing the fluidity and complexity of bisexuality.   We will address myths about bisexuals as well as how uses of the Kinsey scale and the Klein sexual orientation grid may be helpful to understanding bisexuality as dynamic and multi-faceted.