What’s Hot in Erotic Art?

Dr. Patti Britton, Dr. Robert Dunlap #cconart CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. We will be presenting an overview of themes in erotic art around the world that reflect unique and universal cross-cultural perspectives of sexuality. We will talk in between each segment with narrative about “What’s Hot in Erotic Art?” and provide you with a handout with these themes and noting the origins of the media, such as which country or source location. Q&A at end will round out this educational and entertaining experience.

    These 4 dominant themes contained in the art documentary and narrative are:
    1. Sexual empowerment
    2. Outlet for repression or suppression: political, cultural, religious, emotional
    3. Revealing cultural and/or historical values, norms and messages
    4. Spiritual pathways for sexual ecstasy

    Countries of origin include:
    A. CHINA: Female sexual empowerment and reverence of sexuality from China and Hong Kong; showing examples from commercial art; ancient art and artifacts; revealing cultural heritage and spiritual values
    B. CZECH REPUBLIC: Expressing the hidden through a panorama of Prague’s Sex Machine Museum artifacts, especially noting implements of torture such as gas and dog masks, body suspensions on the ceiling, a peep-holefucking box, priests’ robes on walls with holes for secret penetration and more…
    C. USA: Political street art from the famed area known as “Miami’s Artwalk”
    D: BELGIUM: The Brugges Dali Museum, showing his backlash against norms while pushing the outrageous, which includes wild and surrealistic imagery about bestiality, zoophilia, GLB, pan sexuality, BDSM, fetish, body modification and more…
    E: CZECH REPUBLIC: Illustrations from the Prague Mucha Museum showing adoration of females and empowerment through playbills, money and stamps
    F: USA: Cultural norms: A retrospective of XXX posters in artful representations as artifacts of culture
    G: POLAND: A mini-documentary of the sacred tantra temple of Warsaw…and much more!