What Color Is Your Condom? Different Self-Expressions Of Sex Education and Which Is Right For YOU! - #cconsexeducator

CatalystCon Megan Andelloux, Reid Mihalko Sunday, September 16, 2012 9:00am-10:10am


  1. For those of you about to leap into the diverse field of sex education, there are many decisions to make to figure out what sort of educator you want to be. Understanding various styles of teaching, reasons why you teach, and what sort of audiences you’re trying to reach can all help you pick a tone and style that works best for you and plays to your strengths. Come join renowned educators Megan Andelloux and Reid Mihalko as they share their own personal tools and tips for figuring out what and how they teach what they teach, what never to do, and how to be the greatest sex educator you can be!