Toxic Toys: Beyond Phthalates

Metis Black #ccontoxic Catalystcon West - September 28, 2013


  1. If you walk a novelty section at an adult store you’ll realize phthalates have gone the way of the dinosaur, at least it has if we can believe packaging claims. But what about heavy metals, lead, toluene, arsenic and cadmium? A Danish Ministry Environmental Study was done in 2005. It’s the only publically available analysis and health risk assessment of chemical substances in sex toys.

    The Danish EPA randomly tested 16 sex toys highlights include: The element screening analyses showed that one product, a stick vibrator in hard ABS exceeded the allowed amount of cadmium considerably (200 ppm against a limit value of 75 ppm). Two products contained tin in substantial concentrations and for one of them a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS) screening detected liberation of trimethyltin chloride.

    With no regulations, sex toys are the “wild west” and no politician is going to get behind regulating. We are shamed into thinking irritations, chemical burns, and product failures are our fault. So let’s analyze the industry, our power as consumers and advocates and discuss our options.

    This will be an advanced sex toy geek conversation.