Toxic Toys

Metis Black, Jennifer Pritchett, Ducky Doolittle #ccontoxictoys CatalystCon East, Sunday march 17, 2013


  1. Sex toys are an unregulated industry, with no health standards, consumer protections or labeling laws to guide consumers. The results have been inflammation and chemical burns from handling toxic toys, threats and bullying of those who speak up, and a culture that sees sex toys as a punchline, not a viable product. Toxic toys have affected individual consumers, retail shop owners and workers and taken their toll on the ethical manufacturers that strive for a higher standard.

    Join us as we look at the history of toys and hear our panelists’ firsthand accounts in the sex toy industry. We’ll have a frank discussion about responsibility and ethics. Our panel has set their goal to empower their peers — be it bloggers, sex educators, retailers, workers and manufacturers. Together we can create informed consumers and be a part of the change the sex toy industry needs.