The Silver Rainbow: Working with LGBT Seniors

Terri Clark #cconsilver CatalystCon East, Saturday March 16, 2013


  1. Long overlooked and invisible in society at large, older LGBT people are beginning to emerge as a distinct community. 2012 is the first year our baby boomers are turning 65—our society is going to see dramatic growth of this age demographic and with that, growth in the number of LGBT folks. While LGBT seniors share many of the same aging related issues as their hetero counterparts, they also confront special challenges as well. LGBT seniors may face social discrimination due to their age as well as their sexual orientation or gender identity. Older LGBT people often experience homophobia, biphobia and/or transphobia when trying to access healthcare or elder care services. They may also confront age discrimination within LGBT community organizations. Participants will gain more insight into providing services to senior Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender seniors. This will be accomplished by increasing participants’ knowledge, as well as clarifying attitudes, values, and beliefs with regard to sexuality and aging issues in order to help create an empowering environment that recognizes the diversity and visibility of older LGBT people.