The Online Activist: Ready, set, TWEET!

Cunning Minx #cconactivist CatalystCon East, Sunday March 17, 2013


  1. I have a message to deliver! Let’s start a blog! And a podcast! And get a Twitter handle! Woo hoo! ::one month later:: Uh oh. I’ve been to busy this week to Tweet. Or podcast. Or blog. And my site is now lame.

    We love getting our activist groove on to support and amplify the message of our favorite causes. But how do you decide which messages to relay and when, using which tools? Creating a content strategy is essential for any marketing effort, and social activism is no different. In this session, supreme social media geek Minx will show how to brainstorm, create, analyze and adapt a content strategy that can be used to support any one of a number of social efforts.