The Nuts and Bolts of Accessibility

Robin Mandell #cconaccess CatalystCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. We, as professionals in sexuality fields, know that people with all kinds of disabilities are sexual beings, and have the right and ability, just as anyone else does, to choose how they express their sexuality. What comes next? How do we ensure that we’re making our businesses or services accessible to everyone? We are already finely tuned to treating all people equally, and as individuals. This workshop will go a step beyond philosophy and ethics to provide the practical tools and resources to help us make our online and real space services more welcoming and user-friendly for everyone. Topics discussed will include:

    *Exploring the specifics of what accommodations are and are not required by American law.
    *Ways to assess physical space for accessibility and how to make necessary changes.
    *Ways to assess our online spaces for accessibility and how to make the necessary changes.
    *Ways to use our communication and interpersonal skills to ensure that people with various disabilities get what they need and want from our services.

    This workshop would be of interest to toy store owners and employees, product manufacturers, therapists, coaches, sex workers, and anyone else who provides services related to sexuality and relationships.