The Mindset of a Mistress

Dr. Ebony Utley #cconmistress CatalystCon West - September 28, 2013


  1. Mistresses get a bad rap. Women see them as homewreckers, side chicks, and jump offs. Men describe them as either something to do or the right person who came along at the wrong time. Occasionally, a famous mistress will write a tell-all and share stories of glitz and glamour. But as far as regular folk are concerned, very few people are exposed to mindset of a mistress. This session corrects that problem. First, we explore the historical role of mistresses beginning with early world cultures. Then we shift to the present day and use first person interviews to describe the experiences of contemporary mistresses. Finally we compare our historical and contemporary data to how mistresses are represented in popular culture—particularly reality television and shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Scandal, Mistresses, and The Good Wife. We conclude that the mistresses’ bad reputation is more about our society’s rules about sex and our society’s penchant for sexism than it is about the women themselves.