The Facts About Measure B and How It Impacts Us All

Tristan Taormino, jessica drake, Michael W. Fattorosi #cconmeasureB


  1. In November 2012 the voters of Los Angeles County approved Ballot Measure B, also known as the “condoms in porn” law. However, Measure B goes much further then adult entertainment. B is a broad attack not only on pornography but also consensual commercial sex between couples of all orientations. It criminalizes private behavior in the bedroom and takes us back to the days prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas when consensual sodomy was still a crime. Is Measure B a slippery slope that might lead to more government intrusion in bedrooms across the country? We’ll discuss the current status of the Measure B fight as well as its implications for the future and the lessons learned from the No on B campaign.