The Dirty Business of Money - #cconmoney

CatalystCon Davis Saturday, September 15, 2012 10:30am-11:40am


  1. Whether you’re a sex worker, educator, author, retailer or blogger, you know that even folks who revel in dealing with taboo sex topics have trouble talking about one thing in particular – money. Why do we hear statistics about the billions of dollars generated by the sex industry but still worry about paying our rents when we’re working in it? What can you do as an individual to make sure you’re valuing yourself and your work the way others are, and what tools do you need to make that happen? How can you gain the leverage that big players in the game already have? This session will deal with the legal, accounting and negotiation tactics that every freelancer, creative person or entrepreneur should know before they attempt to broach a discussion about the big taboo – money.