The Changing Faces of Sex Work in 2014

Ms Morgan Thorne #cconfaces CatalystCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. Sex work has changed dramatically over the years, the main catalyst being the popularity of the internet in the 90’s and the speed and affordability of internet connections and video equipment in the early aughts.

    New forms of sex work have emerged – the cam girl (boy/boi/gurl) and the clip store being the most obvious, turning neighbors into the porn star next door. Prostitution was also quick to take advantage as were fetish and BDSM providers as underground print mediums died out and cheap online ads took over. Independent providers now flourish, but so can isolation when competitive markets and heavy social stigma weigh down on sex workers. Some are reaching out through the internet, others organize in more traditional ways.

    Ms Morgan Thorne, a Professional Dominatrix and sex work advocate, teaches a recent history of the sex industry and how it is changing in today’s markets. She discusses how workers are organizing themselves and how outside agencies can reach out to a scattered population who is accustomed to avoiding attention from mainstream agencies.