The Canadian Sex Work Journey So Far: The Fight For Decriminalization & The Supreme Court Challenge

Morgan Thorne #cconfight CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. Canadian Sex Workers are fighting the government to change the laws surrounding prostitution (and sex work in general) and have won a constitutional challenge at the Supreme Court of Canada. While there is still some dissent among workers, the general consensus is for full decriminalization of sex work, working in tandem with sex worker organizations to craft changes to existing laws to strengthen provisions against trafficking, underage prostitution and exploitation. The Supreme Court has granted the government a year to craft new legislation to fill the void left by its decision. However, Canada currently has a Conservative government in place, who favour the ‘Nordic Model’ and Sex Workers are anticipating another fight.

    Learn the history of Canada’s prostitution laws, why the court challenge was successful and get to know more about some of the amazing people and organizations who fought the government every step of the way. Since this is an on-going fight, this presentation will be dynamic and updated regularly to include up to the minute information about the situation.

    Morgan Thorne was a part of the fight off and on during the early parts, but became more involved during the Supreme Court challenge as an activist, sex worker and an outreach worker. She will be speaking about her own experiences as well as the history of the movement.