The Body Spiritual: Sacred Sex Basics for Educators, Sexuality Professionals, and More

Del Tashlin #cconsacred CatalystCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. From sex therapy sessions to professional dungeons, people across the country are seeking for and embracing the concepts of the sacred as they apply to their bodies, their relationships, and their sexual experiences. Even professionals whose subject matter focuses on the mundane are finding themselves fielding questions about how sexual and sadomasochistic practices can be applied to spiritual explorations. As more people begin to describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious”, they no longer look to religious groups or leaders for spiritual guidance, choosing to use their own intuition and sacred sense to find, define, and practice ritual. With over 20 years of experience teaching sacred sexuality to a wide variety of audiences (including LGBT groups, kinksters, monogamous couples, and Neo-Pagans), Del Tashlin will share ways any sexuality professional can learn to understand and embrace spiritual concepts, independent of religious identification. Using easy-to-understand language, attendees at any level of belief (from atheist skeptics to dedicated clergy) will come away with a deeper understanding on not only how, buy why, more people are being drawn to sacred sexuality.