The Anatomy of Pleasure - #cconpleasure

CatalystCon Carol Queen, Dr. Robert Morgan Lawrence Saturday, September 15, 2012 4:10pm-5:20pm


  1. Want to know more about the senses? Who doesn’t? Find new combinations of touch and stimulation to make your sex play hotter — or just learn some of the body-based reasons you like the things you do. Join us for a thoroughly eye-opening tour of the body, with way more area covered than just that enticing spot between your legs. Learn how nearly any sense can be a source of erotic inspiration! This is especially relevant for kinky sorts who already think of the entire body as their canvas. How many senses can you describe and play with individually? Robert and Carol can demonstrate at least 15, so stop relying only on sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing — those will just get you started on your amazing erotic journey.