Talking the Sex-Positive Walk

Maria Falzone, Tomas Moniz, Airial Clark #ccontalk CatalystCon West - September 29, 2013


  1. You know you’re a sex-positive person, but how do become a sex-positive parent? Are you looking for examples on how different families find solutions to ending silence around sex? Join Maria Falzone, founder and director at International Foundation for Comprehensive Sexual Health and Education, Tomas Moniz, founder, editor, and a writer for the award winning zine Rad Dad, and Airial Clark aka The Sex-Positive Parent, to learn age-appropriate communication strategies for your family. We will be discussing anxieties about sexual behavior, how to share your own experiences while maintaining healthy boundaries, how to model consent in your household and how to handle the sex-negativity our kids are inundated by. Based on our own personal and professional experiences as sex-positive parents, we have insight on how to create and sustain a sex-positive support system for yourself and your children. By focussing on how to have open and honest conversations about sex, this panel will help you be the kind of parent you always wished you’d had. This session will include an interactive Q&A so bring your questions to ask the panelists!