Talkin’ About a Revolution: Partnership Between Sex Educators and Adult Retailers

Metis Black, Charlie Glickman, Tom Stewart #cconretail CatalystCon West - September 29. 2013


  1. Previous studies by researchers at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion have described the existing and potential roles for adult retail stores, as well as for manufacturers and distributors of sexual enhancement products, to play in sexual health promotion. For example, adult retail stores may be able to function as sexuality education outreach centers within their communities. Recently, these studies have received further examination from those working in the adult retail industry. This session will explore ways in which educators and retailers could create innovative programs that benefit everyone.

    Currently there are varied ways that sexuality education operates in the adult retail industry. Some stores provide basic staff training in sex education, most of it pleasure based, but many stores provide little to no sexuality education for their employees. This panel explores the following questions: Would stores be open to putting resources into training employees if it meant employees could gain certification? How would sexual health issues be addressed? Could such programs change community perceptions of such adult businesses? What potential exists for adult retail stores who integrate sexuality education into their mission to improve the health of their community, and partner with local sexuality educators, counselors, therapists, and healthcare providers?

    This panel, featuring Dr. Debby Herbenick, one of the researchers behind the study, and Metis Black, founder and President of Tantus, Inc., will discuss the history of the study, summary of the findings, content as seen through the eyes of industry veterans, and ways that a project like this could foster a revolution in the way sex is perceived in America.